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How Kavanaugh and Covington Catholic Are Related

I'm sure everyone remembers the lovely Brett Kavanaugh hearings, right?

Also, unless you've been living under a rock for the last 48 hours, I'm assuming you've seen all of the craziness surrounding the Covington Catholic HS Students at the March For Life?

How can these two moments possibly be related?

One of these events happened in September 2018 - the other in January 2019.

One involved a President Donald Trump U.S. Supreme Court nomination - the other involved a group of high school kids on a field trip to D.C.

Anne Helen Petersen actually beat me to the point of recognizing that the two incidents seemed rather familiar, but she didn't get the reason correct. It's not supposed "white patriarchy".

What's the relation?... ...Abortion.

Both of these no-holds-barred smear campaigns took place because of the pro-abortion lobby's fear of the pro-life movement and it's gaining momentum.

The pro-abortion lobby was threatened by the Kavanaugh nomination and they are threatened by the March For Life.

The pro-abortion media couldn't wait to find something negative to report about the March For Life. They were desperate to discredit the massive movement and rally. Finally, they had a piece. They went all in, and they overplayed their cards.

The way the pro-abortion lobby went all in on both the Kavanaugh nomination and the Convington Catholic story is evidence that what Vice-President Mike Pence said at the 2019 March For Life Rally, is true:

"Life is winning again in America"


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