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A Father is Helpless to Save His Baby

I was 17 years old and my girlfriend was worried she was pregnant so I thought id take her to get a test to calm her self down. We’ve had scares before but this time wasn’t a scare.

When she began to cry reality crashed in quick and it seemed like my whole world was breaking down. I was afraid so I told her to get an abortion. A few days later the arrangements were made.

One night a little bit over a week before the abortion I felt like I was doing the wrong thing. I knew I was letting my baby die. And from what I’ve been told I did what very few men do,

I stood up and became the man I had to be and the father I should have been.

I spent a week begging and pleading with her and her family. Countless arguments she watched me break down and cry in front of her begging her to not to kill my baby.

That week I named my little baby. I named her Isabella Angel and she still is my little angel. I tried with everything. I offered everything that I could and even my family offered to cover all the money aspects of having the baby. Nonetheless Isabella Angel died March 13.

I regret what happened every single day of my life. I wake up feeling not good enough as if my best couldn’t save my little girl. I don’t regret that my baby was alive, I regret that she died and the fact that her daddy couldn’t save her from the one person he loved the most.

My girlfriend right after the abortion felt the regret set in. She began to realize that she had killed her own little girl and that no excuse that she could make up was good enough to make herself feel better. I am proud to be a father that tried to save his baby. Advice for those who are thinking about abortion.

The thing that’s horrible with abortion isn’t just that your baby is killed, it’s that a father is helpless when it comes to saving his baby girl.

Isabella Angel you will always be my little Angel even if she doesn’t love you.



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