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Bursting the Moral Predication Argument of the Pro Choice Movement

In the context of abortion debates and policies I have heard the argument many times that if one does not adopt, support illegal immigration, or a long list of liberal policies, one cannot or should not speak against the killing of unborn babies. This position is illogical.

This argument tries to distract from the original argument that abortion is wrong, which is a red herring fallacy, and it attempts accuse pro-life supporters of being hypocrites, which is an ad hominem fallacy.

This argument attempts to equate and predicate a moral concept (abortion is wrong) with an action or other moral concepts (you need to adopt, or give to the poor, or believe this list of things, otherwise I do not want to hear you say abortion is wrong). This is not logical. This would be like a person running up to another person and stabbing that person with a knife, and a bystander says, “hey that’s wrong.” Then another bystander turns and says, “well you walked by that homeless guy, and didn’t give him a dime, so you cannot say what he did was wrong.” That would be ridiculous because stabbing a person is still wrong regardless of whether or not someone gives to the poor.

Murder is wrong, and that is not predicated on whether or not one supports illegal immigration, free birth control, adopts, etc..., and anyone has the right to stand up to this moral atrocity whether or not they agree with a long list of liberal concepts and policies or not.

- Joshua Lewis, RN

Pro Life Man Contributor



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