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Father says abortion was one of the most painful things he's ever been through.

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Something you don't hear about every day in the abortion debate, is the pain and regret that men feel from abortion. Our society tells men they don't have a say in the abortion debate, even if the child is theirs. Abortion is a terrible thing to force upon a father.

One man shared his story on Facebook on Sunday. He shares how he and his wife got pregnant and had a daughter. Around 9 months after his daughter was born they became pregnant with their second child. While he was excited for a second child, his wife was not excited and didn't want to carry through with the pregnancy. She got an abortion despite his objections and pleas. She said that her mind was made up and that he, the father, didn't have a say in the matter.

The man explains that the abortion eventually led to them getting a divorce. The full post is below:

"THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH!!! I know this is a long post, but please read it until the end!!! When my wife and I were pregnant, we read a book through our Lamas class, that said that if I spoke to our daughter while she’s inside her mother’s womb, she’ll recognize my voice once she is born! So I made it a point to tell her every single day that I love her! My wife ended up needing an emergency C section, because the umbilical cord was wrapped around our daughter’s neck, so I didn’t get to see her being born! The very first time I got to see my daughter, she was sleeping! I got really close to her face and whispered what I had been saying to her for months...”Daddy loves his little baby!” When I whispered those words to her, she opened her eyes and smiled at me! I will be 57 years old this year, and I’ve experienced a lot of amazing things in that time! But nothing has touched my heart quite like that moment! I will remember it forever! My daughter has owned my heart since that day! Approximately, 9 months after that, we got pregnant again! I was so excited! I was sure that God was going to bless my daughter with a little brother! I was so looking forward to whispering to him, the way I had whispered to his big sister! Even though I was thrilled to be pregnant again, my wife did not share my enthusiasm! In fact, she told me that she never wanted children, and that she had already given me one child, and she wasn’t about to give me another one! Being a mom was robbing her of her freedom! Being a mom was cramping her style! She was also upset, that she had gained weight during our pregnancy, and didn’t want to have to go through that again! Then she said the words I will never forget! I am having an abortion! I could hardly believe my ears! I asked her to look at our beautiful little daughter and asked her how she could even consider killing her little brother! As I spoke those words, my wife’s sister walked through the front door! My wife and her sister had arranged the timing perfectly! Her sister, my sister in law, a lawyer, explained to me the laws that were in place, and told me I don’t have any say in this matter! She said my wife has already made up her mind and there was nothing I could do! I just needed to accept it! I begged and pleaded with my wife, but her mind was made up! The next day she had an abortion! She made the “choice” to kill my son! Like I said earlier, I will be 57 years old this year and I have experienced a lot of amazing moments, but I’ve also experienced a lot of very painful moments! This experience was one of the most painful things I’ve ever been through, and it’s a experience I will never forget! That day I lost my son, and because of my wife’s “choice” I eventually lost my marriage! I recently saw the movie Unplanned, and it completely wrecked me! It brought back so much of the hurt and pain, I thought was in the past, right back into my present! Abortion destroyed my Son and it destroyed my marriage and family! That was 1989! 30 years ago! But it seems like yesterday! I share this experience because earlier last week I got in a debate on Facebook with some Pro Choicer’s, who don’t like my stance as a Pro Lifer! The debate got really ugly! I felt tag teamed by so many different Pro Choicer’s blasting me, swearing at me, and calling me names! I thought if I explained to them why I feel the way I do, they might understand! Once I posted my story, the comments all stopped! In fact, I can’t even find their comments anymore! Maybe they all unfriended me! I’m not sure! Either way, I think my story shut them down! So I decided to take the time and rewrite this! I hope my story and my experience will help someone who’s pregnant right now to make the right choice! Please do the right thing! Choose life! I realize that having an abortion seems to take care of the current issue! But what will you feel 30 years from now! Will you be haunted because of your choices? Whether you are Pro Choice or Pro Life, please see the movie Unplanned! It’s a must see movie for everyone, especially young girls and boys that may one day be in a position where they have to make the “choice!” You owe it to yourselves and your families to learn the truth about Abortion and Planned Parenthood! If my story spoke to you, and if you feel it might speak to someone else, please share! If you are pregnant and scared and need financial assistance because you really want to have your baby, or If you want to find someone to adopt your child because your unable to take care of them, or if you just need someone to talk to, or pray with, please private message me! I will put you in contact with the right people! You have options, and you are not alone! God has assured me that one day I will see my Son in Heaven! If you choose abortion, what will you say to your child on that day when you see them face to face! How will you justify yourself, if you make the same choice my X wife made! Don’t just think about today! Think about 30, 60, 90 years from now! This life is temporary! Eternity is forever, and ever! Please make the right choice!"

Absolutely terrible. Please consider donating to Pro Life Man as we reach out to men like Roy and offer counseling and resources to them.



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