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How I Became Pro-Life

As a high school junior, I dated a college sophomore. She and her family were staunch liberals who subscribed to liberal group think, among those things being the pro-abortion ideology. And because I was dating her, and I was young and impressionable, I hopped on that bandwagon and subscribed to those ideas. But we weren’t “pro-abortion" because nobody is “pro-abortion”, right? Nobody wants to have an abortion, or so our brainwashed minds were lead to believe by the abortion industry. We were “pro-choice”, you know… supporting a woman’s right to choose… like that is actually something meaningful. We were the heroic woman-liberating group, protecting their freedoms from the old white men that wanted to control their bodies. I was agnostic at this time, which was more spiritual than my junior high years when I was an atheist, all the while living in a Christian home.

This relationship ended and the next one started. It was destructive. We were on and off so much, one of my friends said to me, “What day is it? Tuesday? Of, you must be together again, huh?” And he was right. The longer we went, the worse the relationship became. We were in a car accident at the end of 2005 and shortly after, she was having stomach cramps. I freaked out thinking she could have been pregnant and miscarried. That’s when she said something so horrible to me that I was scarred deeply from it.

She said, “I’m glad I’m not pregnant, because if I was, I would have aborted it anyway”.

Even with my “pro-choice” views, I was gutted. I felt like a monster. What kind of nasty, awful monster would I have to be for her to say that? For her to say she would kill something that came from me, because it came from me, I felt like the scum of the earth. And yet, I still remained with her, on and off. January 2006, all of this took a toll on me and I hit my rock bottom. I was hopeless. I was confused. I was depressed. I was seeking answers.

Then I started letting my friends take me to church. This church was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. There was so much freedom and life! The thing I was seeking the most, unconditional love, was being poured out on me. On April 16, 2006, Resurrection Sunday, I gave my life to Jesus. But I couldn’t just make a decision like that. My current ideologies were at war and incompatible with the Gospel of Jesus – the liberal and naturalistic ideas I held onto ranging from positions on gay marriage, evolution, and abortion. What I had to do was to mentally put all of these things in a box, set that box aside, accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior and receive his sacrifice for my sins. Then I took that box back, and slowly, one by one, God dealt with me on these issues.

God showed me His heart on abortion, and it deeply grieves Him. He forms a person in the womb, and abortion is the intentional killing of that person. I tried to reason with God. “What if we try to lessen the number of abortions through pushing contraception?” That wasn’t good enough. God is also against sexual immorality because it destroys people. I know because it destroyed me. In June 2006, I made a decision to remain abstinent until marriage. I take vows and dedication seriously.

July 7, 2007, I went to an event in Nashville named The Call, a movement of prayer and fasting to end abortion and bring revival to America. 70,000 Christians gathered together in Titan Stadium repenting, praying, worshiping, even taking communion together. God moved mightily. It was here at this event I dedicated my life to ending abortion.

From there, I became a keyboard warrior. I would get into plenty of arguments about abortion online. I had an on and off relationship with the internet. I would say something. People would (rightly or not rightly) become offended. I stopped talking about it for a while. Then I would be inspired to say something else. The cycle would continue. I was rough around the edges then, still a baby Christian, passionate in my zeal, unknowingly judge people.

I attended The Call D.C. in 2008. In 2013 I attended the 40th anniversary March for Life with a busload of Christians, organized by Denise Hunter, who is now Secretary of Pro Life Man. I got involved in the abolitionist movement, but only with online activism. I stepped away from that movement after about a year for certain objections that I had. I joined the board of an organization that provided free diapers, clothes, formula, and more to women and children in need.

In between some of this, I became an EMT, and started diving deep into the medical knowledge of human biology, anatomy, and physiology. I am in love with the human body and the way God has designed it. The medical textbooks confirm the unborn is a living human.

My EMT textbook says verbatim, “When your patient is pregnant, you have two patients to care for – the patient and the fetus”.

I love being in the medical field, and I feel this has only strengthened my resolve to end abortion.

I wanted to be more involved. I knew there was more for me than just Facebook arguments and just serving on a board of an organization. Around May 2018, the beginning stages of Pro Life Man took place. My close friend Andy Griffith told me he bought the Pro Life Man website on a whim, started a Facebook page, and he asked me join with him to encourage men to take a stand against abortion. This evolved into a non-profit organization with two main missions (exhort men to the duty and obligation of defending the weak by standing against abortion, and to counsel post abortive men) and a profound goal of being part of a lethal blow to Roe V. Wade, and establishing the protection of rights for all people.

We cannot do this without you.

  • Do you want to see men rise up to defend the most vulnerable among us?

  • Do you want to see men restored and healed from the mental and psychological trauma of being a post abortive father?

  • Do you want to be part of the lethal blow to Roe?

Currently, we are working on creating counseling services for these fathers.

There a few resources for post-abortive fathers.

Pro Life Man is specifically designed to be that resource.

Please help us. Please help these grieving men.

Thomas White

Vice President

Pro Life Man



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