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Mothers, Murder, & Informed Consent

There’s a group in the pro-life movement that is claiming women are not victims of abortion. They claim all women know entirely the full implications that abortion kills human babies. And because of this, mothers who have their children killed through abortion should be charged with murder or accessory to murder.

As medical professionals, we will explain to you why this is wrong. Proponents of abortion claim that abortion is healthcare, and it is treated as such, at least in part, by the legal and medical community. Healthcare involves informed consent.

According to the American Medical Association, informed consent:

" occurs when communication between a patient and physician results in the patient’s authorization or agreement to undergo a specific medical intervention. In seeking a patient’s informed consent (or the consent of the patient’s surrogate if the patient lacks decision-making capacity or declines to participate in making decisions), physicians should:

(a) Assess the patient’s ability to understand relevant medical information and the implications of treatment alternatives and to make an independent, voluntary decision.

(b) Present relevant information accurately and sensitively, in keeping with the patient’s preferences for receiving medical information. The physician should include information about:

1. The diagnosis (when known)

2. The nature and purpose of recommended interventions

3. The burdens, risks, and expected benefits of all options, including forgoing treatment

(c) Document the informed consent conversation and the patient’s (or surrogate’s) decision in the medical record in some manner. When the patient/surrogate has provided specific written consent, the consent form should be included in the record."

In other words, the patient needs to be accurately informed by the treating physician of what the treatment is, how it affects the patient, and the possible risks and outcomes. If the patient is not informed accurately by the treating physician, the patient is not legally competent to consent to treatment. If the patient is not competent to consent to treatment through not being informed, and treatment is performed anyway, this is medical malpractice, can be considered gross negligence, and legally amounts to battery.

In holding to the same standards of healthcare, since they so claim that abortion is healthcare, in order to be legally competent to agree to abortion, they need to be accurately informed by the physician that they are, in fact, killing humans that happen to be their sons and daughters.

Because the abortionists are not informing the mothers that they are killing their own human sons and daughters, the mothers, by law and by medical ethics, are victims of battery by the abortionist.

The mothers are being convinced by the people who are supposed to protect them and bring healing in their lives that abortion (the intentional killing of their human sons and daughters) is merely “removing pregnancy tissue” and “clumps of cells”, a “thing” that “isn’t human”. Hook, line, and sinker, these women have bought the lie from “medical professionals” that abortion is acceptable and normal.

These women are victims. Victims that have been convinced to kill their sons and daughters, unknowingly, by the people who are supposed to be the most outstanding among the population. These mothers should not be charged with murder or accessory to murder. That would be unjust for the circumstances. We are not saying there shouldn't be legal consequences, just that these mothers shouldn't be put in prison.

When it is taught nationwide in the schools and medical schools that human life begins at conception and abortion becomes unthinkable to the nation, then it would be appropriate to imprison mothers AND fathers who have their unborn sons and daughters killed. Until then, we should focus on severely punishing the "medical professionals" who brainwash these mothers and kill their sons and daughters.

Thomas White

Vice President




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