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Movie Review: UNPLANNED

I had the privilege of seeing a private screening of the new movie Unplanned, on Monday.

UNPLANNED takes you through the true story of how a college student that grew up in a Christian, Pro-Life household ends up volunteering at a Planned Parenthood. She goes from volunteer to counselor, and then becomes the youngest Director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in history. The film adequately shows how she truly felt that she was helping women in a time of true crisis. The film shows her struggle with her Pro-Life family and even her Pro-Life husband. The film reaches it's climax when she was asked one day to assist with a procedure because they were short-staffed. What she saw in that procedure, as the flyer states, changed everything.

I am impressed. I left the theater changed. I left the theater with hope. I left the theater with more courage.

UNPLANNED is funny, while also being truthful, dramatic, and graphic. It's a film full of hope, mercy, and grace. UNPLANNED shows all sides & angles of the abortion debate without bias. UNPLANNED is not judgmental or condemning.

This is not a cheesy Christian movie. (I assumed it was, but I was wrong!)

Go see Unplanned this weekend. Take your entire family, even those that are on the fence on abortion or those that may even be pro-choice.

Don't let the 'R' rating scare you. There is no curse words, sexual content, alcohol abuse, or drug abuse.

America needs this movie at such a time as this.

Click Here to see the UNPLANNED movie trailer.


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