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No Uterus, No Opinion!


This is one of the many false and misleading mantras of the pro-abortion movement. They assert that if you are not a woman, then you shouldn’t have an opinion on abortion.

This is simply wrong.

The driving ideology behind the pro-life movement is that human life begins at conception, and intentionally killing that human life is murder. This is validated by science and philosophy. Abortion isn’t simply a woman making a decision about her own body. It is about a woman choosing, for any number of reasons, to murder the human life growing inside her. This takes the argument from a “women’s rights” perspective to a “human rights” perspective.

Abortion is the world’s greatest human rights violation because it intentionally deprives the right to life of humans in their earliest and most vulnerable stages of development. This, then, gives rise to men having not only the right to an opinion on abortion, but the duty to hate abortion and the duty to rise up, protect, and defend human life that is being threatened and killed.

Resist the pro-abortion propaganda.

For men to remain silent is cowardice in the name of “respect” in the same way abortion is murder in the name of “women’s rights”. Remaining silent is not respectful toward women or children; it consents to the mass murder of your own species. It consents to the literal genocide of humankind.

We are sons. We are brothers. We are fathers. We are men. Rise. Stand. Protect.

Do not be silent. But do not only speak. Act. Be a part of the generation that condemns the atrocity of human murder inside the womb and guarantees the right to life for all humans.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke


Chief Strategist



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