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Popular pastor takes a stand for life, "Greed is why we repeat history"

Popular pastor from Bethel church in Redding, California posted a long rebuke of abortion and Planned Parenthood. He spent much of the post explaining that we keep repeating history in the context of dehumanizing people groups.

"Why," you ask, "do we keep repeating history? Good question. The answer is Greed!

He also highlighted how we should require women to view a sonogram of her fetus before an abortion, if nothing else, for the sake of full disclosure. He also noted that the biggest resistance to full disclosure before an abortion is Planned Parenthood. (No surprise there)

Full Transcript:

The Supreme Court ruled that pro-life clinic’s don’t have to offer people who seek their help, abortion as a option! This is a huge victory for thousands of babies and another blow to the defamed Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is to America what the Nazi gas chambers were to Hitler's Germany. Hitler dehumanized the Jews and convinced the Germans to exterminate them like rats.

We American's should have realized our propensity to do the same thing, but sadly history is repeating itself! Think about it; we dehumanized the Native Americans by convicting our citizens that they were salvages. Then we slaughtered them like animals. You think we would have learned from our mistakes but nothing is further from the truth!

Within 50 years, we did it again...we dehumanized another race. This time it was the African Americans. We enslaved, whipped, beat, and hung them from trees. 620,000 people died in the Civil War trying to right this wrong. And although the war ended in 1865, it would be nearly 100 years before Martin Luther King Jr would help African America's begin to realize their freedom.

But by 1973 Roe vs Wade came along and we did it again. This time we would dehumanize children. We used to ask pregnant women if they are having a boy or a girl; now we have to ask them if it's a human or just a fetus.

"Why," you ask, "do we keep repeating history? Good question. The answer is Greed!

We killed the native Americans so we could steal their land. We enslaved the Africans to work in our fields. Rich ranchers and farmers made millions of dollars on the bloody wiped backs of slavery.

Abortion is a multibillion dollar business who's primary beneficiary is Planned Parenthood! Did you get that? A business disguised as family planning; a caring organization, is leading the American genocide of babies. But wait, there is more; they not only take the life of fetuses, they also harvest their organs and sell them as human body parts!!! Confused yet? You should be!

Oh by the way, this is all happening under the banner of women's rights! Yet half of the fetuses are girls who become women.

Since when is taking the life of a baby somebody's right?

Now if a drunk driver causes an accident that results in a miscarriage, they will be charged with a homicide. That's right; is there anything else in the world that is defined by it's termination rather then it's conception? Confused yet? You should be!

50 years from now the world will look back on this human genocide the same way we view the Nazi's, slavery, and Native America slaughter; with disdain, shame, and deep regret. Our grandchildren will ask us, "Grandmother, Grandpa, how come nobody stopped them from killing the babies?"

We will respond, "Well, we didn't think they were human!" Confused yet? You should be!

For all the women who have already had abortions; Jesus forgives you! You need to forgive yourself. Regret won't wrong a right but you can help other women from being deceived into making the same mistake.

Finally, let me point out that there are no unwanted babies in America. There are more beautiful families trying to adopt, then there are babies; so adoption is a great solution.

It's time to give a voice to the silent scream. 50 years from now those who are called fanatics will be remembered as heroes. Just ask, Abe Lincoln, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King! Sometimes you have to step out of the crowd and become politically incorrect to make history.

If we passed a law in America that women had to be fully informed by seeing a sonogram of their fetus before they made the decision to terminate their pregnancy, we would effectively end abortion in our nation. You can't even buy a car without full disclosure.

Guess who is the biggest resistance to full disclosure for women? You guessed it; Planned Parenthood! Is it at all surprising that they are the main lobbyist that are keeping congress from passing laws for women to be fully informed before they make the most important decision they will ever make in their lives? I wonder why? Are you confused yet? You should be!

Name one good reason why a woman should not be required to view a sonogram of her fetus before she can terminate her pregnancy? I can give you 58,586,256 million reason why they should; that's the estimated number of infants aborted since Roe versus Wade in America alone. There will be thousands of more reasons by the time you view this post!

Let me close with one last bit of history; most Americans don’t know that McCorvey, who was the "pro-choice” "Roe" on the infamous abortion case in 1973, spent the rest of her life as a pro-life advocate. She dedicated her life to reversing the Supreme Court case that bears her fictitious name, Jane Roe.

Still confused? McCorvey "Roe" wasn’t any more!



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