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Pro-Life men are not interested in controlling women or their bodies.

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

One of the lies people who are pro-abortion perpetuate is that pro-life men just want to control women’s bodies. I don’t think anything could be further from the truth. From here on I will be speaking from the view point of most people and groups in the pro-life movement. I can’t say everyone has the same view, but most in the pro-life movement do in regards to controlling women and their bodies.

If by “controlling women”, they mean we want to force women to not murder their sons and daughters, yes, that is quite accurate. But that is not what they mean. The first issue is that they do not qualify specifically what they mean by “controlling women” or “controlling women’s bodies”. This language without clarification is merely soundbite propaganda. Is it because we want to turn women into baby factories or to force them to stay in a relationship they don’t want to stay in because of a baby? Maybe we lost power over women by giving them the right to vote, so we need to maintain power over them somehow? Or perhaps we need women to fulfill our sexual needs, so forcing them to be pregnant will do that? (WHAT?!?! That doesn’t make any sense!!!)

No. None of these are accurate.

We as Pro Life Men believe that a woman should have as much right over her body and life as a man has over his body and life. I have worded that specifically for a few reasons. First, all persons in the United States of America do not have completed bodily autonomy. Bodily autonomy is regulated by certain laws. People do not have the right premeditatedly harm and murder others. This limits bodily autonomy. You lose the right to bodily autonomy in certain situations, like trying to harm yourself, or consuming illicit substances. Mandatory vaccinations laws have been introduced in New York, which, in essence, violate bodily autonomy. Secondly, though the growing embryo/fetus is inside her body, he or she is not her body part. A woman only has one heart. A woman with a fetus growing inside of her still only has one heart, though her body houses two hearts. The second heart does not belong to her body. It belongs to the body of the fetus. The woman’s body, heart, brain, etc, does not control the heart of the fetus. Certainly the woman’s body can impact the fetus’ heart; if the woman is deprived of oxygen, the fetus will not receive the oxygen he or she needs, thus affecting heart rate. The woman’s body affects the fetus’ body systems, but does not control the body systems in the same way her brain and heart control her body systems.

Some say we are forcing women to stay in a relationship by forcing a woman to give birth. This may be true in some circles, but those circles are not necessarily pro-life, but more of a bad church doctrine that is not dependent upon the pro-life view. Some circles of churches teach wives to be subservient to their husbands, no matter if he is verbally or physically or sexually abusive. This is not the stance of Pro Life Man and this is not the stance of the collective pro-life movement. Any counselor, pastor, leader, etc., who would advise a woman to stay in a currently abusive relationship for any reason, let alone a pregnancy, needs to rethink the way they counsel. I support saving marriages, even abusive marriages, but this means the abuser needs to stop abusing and start to become a trustworthy and safe person.

We don’t believe in turning women into baby factories. This would involve in taking away all options a woman has and forcing her to conceive, birth, and keep children. This would involve enslaving women to be birthing pods and rearing children. People in the pro-life community are “pro-choice”, in that we believe in legitimate options in reproduction – abstinence, sex, contraception, pregnancy, adoption, and raising children. But once a zygote is created, human reproduction has already taken place. I’m not going to lie and say all in the pro-life movement agree on all of these. Generally, people in the pro-life movement support contraceptives, but there are exceptions to this. Many believe sex should be reserved for marriage. But these are more moral issues than legal issues; no one is fighting for premarital sex to be illegal. No one is fighting for all birth control to be illegal (setting aside abortifacients).

Abortion, the intentional killing of a son or daughter within the womb, is not a legitimate option, morally or otherwise, and should not remain legal. Abortion does not prevent pregnancy, and does not prevent a human from existing.

The reality is that abortion is a way to control women. When men want to use women as sex objects, having an abortion can keep them as sex objects. Pimps. Rapists. Human traffickers. Abusive family members. Irresponsible “boyfriends” and controlling husbands using women as sex objects to fulfill their desires. This is controlling women and their bodies. The abortion industry has lied to women and have allowed them to be used as sex objects.

There is no responsibility in abortion.

Abortion is the escape from consequences of having sex, resulting in the murder of a son or daughter.

-Thomas White

Vice President

Pro Life Man



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