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The Irony of This Decision. Agree?

A good friend of mine recently told me that he hadn't seen the movie Unplanned yet, but was going to watch it soon. I was completely shocked that he hadn't seen it yet.

In talking to him about the film, I was reminded that the film was rated R. He was thinking about showing the film to some teenagers but was hesitant because of this rating. I assured him that there was nothing "R" rated about this movie.

Does Unplanned show nudity, sexual, or sexually provocative scenes? NO

Does Unplanned show drugs, gun violence, or contain foul language? NO

What Unplanned does show, is the reality of abortion. Abortion is bloody. Abortion is violent. Abortion is not safe.

An MPAA spokesperson said the reason for the R-rating was due to “some disturbing/bloody images”

MPAA told Pure Flix the most problematic scene of “Unplanned” featured a doctor gazing at a computer screen that shows the image of a fetus as the abortion is completed. Dr. Anthony Levatino, who was portrayed in the scene, said the depiction is accurate.

“The portrayal of a live, moving fetus disappearing is very accurate,” said Dr. Levatino, who added he performed about 1,200 abortions over the years. “You’re watching an abortion. It’s an accurate view of what’s happening. It’s disturbing if you recognize it’s a human life.”

The sad irony of this rating is the fact that in most states in the US a teen girl can get an abortion without parental consent, but she cannot watch a movie about abortion without her parent or guardian present. In what sane world does that make sense?

Have you seen Unplanned yet? If not, you need to.

You can rent UNPLANNED for only $1.49 on Amazon Prime. Or you can outright buy the digital version for only $4.49

Click Here for the link.

If you consider yourself pro-life, this is a MUST WATCH film.

- Andy

Founder & President Pro Life Man



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