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The Birth of Pro Life Man

The 2016 presidential election was a wild one, to say the least.

Something was different about 2016. Sure, the two candidates before us were unlike any others that we had seen before, but it wasn't just the candidates that were different. The atmosphere of the entire nation was different. The nation was full of anger and rage. A rage sparked by political talking points. A rage fueled by the media day and night.

In 2016, civil dialogue left the table completely. I witnessed people turn against each other without hesitation. I saw life-long friends disown each other, never to speak to each other again. I saw family members calling each other evil.

I saw a civil war brewing in America.

I had always been very outspoken about my political thoughts. But 2016 changed something in me. I decided to disengage from political dialogues and debates. I decided that no matter my political beliefs, I was not going to take part in this tearing each other apart, limb by limb, with no remorse, and without mercy.

But there was one topic that I couldn't remain silent on. One topic that no matter how much I tried to resist the urge, I had to speak up.

That topic, of course, is abortion.

I decided that I would still keep my political beliefs quiet - all of them, except for abortion. I can't sit idle any longer while thousands of children are killed in the womb in America each and every day. I can't. I won't.

I didn't know how I would get involved, I just knew that I had to do something. I began searching the internet for ways to be active in the fight for unborn lives. After browsing several sites I thought to myself, "I know, I'll look into a male-focused pro-life group and see how to join them." I searched online for "pro-life men" and "pro-life man". My search results turned up nothing. I only saw recent stories in the news and such. I kept searching different terms and I couldn't find anything.

I came up with the idea of typing into the address bar, - because surely there was such an organization. But when the page loaded, there was no such website, there was no such organization. The page read " is available. Click here to purchase". I was shocked. I decided to see how much the domain cost, for fun. I couldn't believe it when I saw that the domain was available for about the cost of a meal at your average restaurant. I left the website, and moved on with my day.

That night in bed I couldn't stop thinking about it,

Within the week, I purchased the domain. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I felt that I needed to buy it.

Over the next several weeks and months I would start seeing article after article about how, for the most part, men are disengaged from the abortion discussion. Our culture has repeatedly told men that they don't have a say in the decision because it's a woman's body.

My heart broke.

I also began seeing story after story of men that were grieving an abortion. Men that wanted to keep their baby, and had even offered to raise it on their own, but their wives, girlfriends, or partners didn't care or didn't let them have a say in the decision.

My heart broke again.

That's when I knew why I bought and what I had to do with it.

I founded Pro Life Man to engage men in the abortion discussion, to encourage men to be a voice for the voice-less, to call men to stand up for the weak, and to be a resource for men that are grieving the loss of an unborn child.


Founder & Executive Director



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