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The March for Life.

It was beautiful weather. The snow on the Mall was melting, creating a muddy environment. The speakers were wonderful. The surprise appearance by Mike Pence was energetic. We stood in a sea of people inching our way to the street with our giant sign manned by 3 people.

With our sign, our supplies, and my feet hurting from standing for 2 hours and walking in boots not geared for marching, I started to get exhausted while marching.

I wanted to meditate on the things spoken about at the march.

But I couldn’t.

I wanted to pray that abortion become officially abolished.

All I could muster was silence.

I wanted to be in awe of the magnitude of numerous groups of people marching for one cause.

But all I could do was march.

My feet. My calves. My back. My arms. All drained.

But then I heard a drumbeat.

And that’s when I remembered this is warfare. This is the fight of all fights.

I will not lose. I will win.

I will march for the sake of these babies being slaughtered on the soil of my country. I will keep pressing on to end the genocide that the United States of America has made legal over 46 years ago.

I would rather have mud on my boots than blood on the hands of my nation.

I will stand. I will fight. I will march.

-Thomas White

Chief Strategist

Pro Life Man



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