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Why We March

We were asked by the March For Life President, “Why do you march?”

Pro Life Man marched for one thing and one thing alone. We marched because humans at their earliest development and most vulnerable position are being murdered, and this is not only wrong, it is evil.

“My body, my choice.”


“It will ruin my career.”

Guess again.

“My boyfriend will leave me.”

Still wrong.

All of these concerns are valid, but the conclusion is wrong 10 out of 10 times.

Killing a baby is never the answer to these concerns.

We need to have compassion on women who are scared of the implications of being pregnant with a growing human, but chemically burning or dismembering that living human fetus is not a legitimate “choice”. “Choice” is just a euphemism for murdering a preborn human. There are many euphemisms surrounding the argument in favor of abortion, and we are dedicated to dismantling the lies and propaganda of these euphemisms.

Because abortion is evil. And we will continue marching, fighting, dismantling lies, and promoting truth until abortion is legally abolished.

-Thomas White

Chief Strategist

Pro Life Man



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